Wednesday, December 23, 2015

WTW Chart - 12/23/15

The Oprah effect has been huge for Weight Watchers, with the stock rallying from around $6 to above $26 in the last three months. The past couple of weeks has seen a steady correction in the stock, and yesterday a key support level around $19.50 was breached. This is bearish action, as the next support is at the gap closing $17 level. Given the recent price action, I think the stock retests $17 in the next few trading sessions.

UA Chart - 12/23/15

Under Armour’s stock is on a well-defined downward trend over the past few months (black lines), and is currently finding support at a key level (blue line) - $80. If this support breaks, the stock could recede rapidly towards $70. Since this seems to be a fairly strong support level, a long sided trade could be initiated above $80 with a stop loss at $79.50 or so.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

NKE Chart - 12/23/15

Nike is making a new all time high on the heels of positive earnings. The last time the company made an all time high, it rose by 8.5%. We can therefore expect similar price movement now, with a target price of $140ish.

MU Chart - 12/22/15

MU has been on a well defined downward trend over the past few months. Making matters worse, the stock recently released poor earnings results. As see in the below chart, $13.50 is a very key support level. If $13.50 fails to hold, we could see a quick flush towards $10. A bounce at $13.50 might signify an opportunity to go long, with a stop loss right below that level.

SUNE Chart - 12/23/15

SUNE had a tough day on Tuesday, giving many a great buying opportunity. The stock is sitting right on a rising trendline, which could provide some support on Wednesday. The next upward resistance is at $6.90, so there is plenty of room to run here. It is very important that $5.00 is held, as that is also a key support level. I currently have a position at 5.30 with a stop loss just below 5.00.

Monday, December 21, 2015

VRNG Chart - 12/21/15

As I said in my Seeking Alpha article here, Vringo is very undervalued at current levels. Given the recent price action, I see an imminent run to the $3.25 level.

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GOOG Chart - 12/21/15

GOOG seems to be slowly forming a wedge here. The stock needs to break $759 soon or it could retrace to $700 level, then $650 to close gap. Note that the last Gap in July was closed in late August prior to continuation upwards. History could repeat itself here.

LXRX Chart - 12/21/15

LXRX has had a very volatile year. In the short term, the stock needs to break $14, which is a very strong resistance point. The stock also seems to be forming a wedge here. If $14 is broken, a quick jump to $15.80 is possible. If $14 is tested but the stock fails to break through, we could see a retrace to $12 level.

LNKD Updated Chart - 12/21/15

As I argue in my Seeking Alpha article here, I am long term bullish on LNKD. In the short term, I have been predicting a gap close at $117 before continuing upwards. Gap will likely close this week:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My SA Article: LinkedIn Will Outlast Facebook And Twitter

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LNKD Chart - 12/16/15

LinkedIn really wants to close the gap to $217 before it continues running up. Longs might have no other option but to just let it close and buy more on weakness. I personally think LinkedIn will soar sometime soon and into the future. See my Seeking Alpha article here for my reasoning.

BAC Chart - 12/16/15

BAC could have a massive day tomorrow. It is key to understand that $18 is a very important resistance level that needs to be taken out. Directly above, at $18.50, is yet another very strong resistance point (5-year high). If the news about rates are positive tomorrow, we will likely see both of these resistance points broken, and BAC trading at $20+.

SPY Chart - 12/16/2015


SPY is bouncing off a key support level very nicely here. It is poised for a nice run upwards as long as FED cooperates tomorrow. Counting the minutes!

SUNE Chart 12/16/15

SUNE Needs to break $5.17 tomorrow (yes, 5.17!). If it does,it could go towards $8 in a hurry! If $5.17 isnt broken, I see this stock fading towards $4.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

VRX Updated Chart - 12/15/2015


As I mentioned here on Friday, VRX was on the verge of retesting a huge resistance level at $100 again this week. Not only did the stock retest that level, it gapped above it to close at $110. As seen on the below chart, $120 is next major resistance, and $150 is possible if $120 breaks. I am bullish on this stock!

AVXL Chart - 12/15/15

AVXL has been one of the most volatile stocks in the market lately. Currently, the stock seems to be forming a rising wedge, which is (unfortunately for you longs) a bearish sign. Rising wedges are usually followed by a break to the downside. Since AVXL has been swinging wildly, I would predict a drop to the $5-$5.50 level from here. If the wedge does break upwards, traders could see a quick pop and fade to the $8.50-$9 level. The exciting part is that we get to find out soon enough!

SHAK Chart - 12/15/2015

SHAK is in its fifth retest of $40 critical support level right now. If it fails to hold, the stock could see a significant drop in value, especially below its all time low of $38.64.

TWX Chart -12/15/15

TWX’s break of $67.50 was significant, as this was a long standing support level. I am using a 5 year chart here because one needs to go back that far to find support off this technical break. The stock now will almost certainly retest the $60 level. If $60 fails to hold, the stock could fall hard without much support to $50s and even $40s.

XOM Chart - 12/15/2015

Exxon is bouncing off a key support level for the stock at $74. It is very important that this support level holds, as below $68 (S3) the stock would have very little support, and could drop very hard.

BA Chart - 12/15/15

BA’s six month chart formed a wedge with a triple top, and the stock just broke below the bottom support trend line of the wedge. This type of activity is very technically weak, and the stock price could see a drop back to the $125-$130 level.

DIS Chart - 12/15/2015

After finding a top at $120, DIS has retraced all the way back to $109, where it found some support. If this support fails, the stock could be heading to <$100. May the force be with you!

Monday, December 14, 2015

RHT Chart - Follower Request - 12/14/15

This chart was requested by a follower of the blog. Feel free to make requests of your own!
RHT formed a double top in early December at $83. A double top is typically followed by a decline in the stock’s price, as we have witnessed since. How far the stock will decline is entirely up to the investors/traders. In RHT’s case, it seems that previously investors have found the stock attractive (creating a support line) at $77.50 and then again at $70. The stock is resting right on the $77.50 support line, and any breakdown below this line could create major issue for longs, perhaps retracing all the way down to $70..

TWTR Chart - 12/14/2015

Twitter is accumulating just above a very important support point of $23.50. This is very dangerous, as the stock could flush into the teens if this support is broken. Anyone thinking about going long at this point needs to be very careful.
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FB Chart - 12/14/15

Facebook failed to break its all time high back in November, finding strong resistance at $110. The stock is now accumulating in a fairly tight range. It is very important that the stock holds its key support point at $100. If it breaks below this level, it could be headed to $95 and even $85. I don’t see any reason to buy until it breaks $110. A short position could be possible if the stock falls below $100, with a tight stop loss right at $101.
Also, check out my Seeking Alpha article on why LinkedIn will outlive Facebook and Twitter:

AIG Chart - 12/14/15

AIG recently formed a double top at $64 and is resting on a key support level at $59.40. If support breaks here, it might retest $58 and $55.50. Given the stock's recent price action, I think a retest of both of those support levels is in the cards within the next few trading sessions.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

TWTR Chart 12/10/15

Twitter had a very impressive run on Thursday, but if it wants to continue, it will need to break a very strong resistance point at $26.50. Expect some issues getting through here tomorrow:

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How does AVON (AVP) increase shareholder value? See my charts and posts for technical trading details and my Seeking Alpha article below:

GPRO 12/10/2015

Last time I wrote about GPRO here, I said that the stock was on a downward channel pattern. Unfortunately for longs the stock has not managed to break the upward resistance line, which is bearish. To signal a reversal, we would need to see the stock price breaking and closing above $20.
Side note: I am proud to have had my first Seeking Alpha article published. Please check it out here.

AVP Chart 12/10/2015

Avon has been getting lots of media lately, especially with my Seeking Alpha article here, which makes a case for a much higher stock value than the current market valuation. I have also posted other charts here. From a technical standpoint, the stock has had a hard time breaking $4.50, which is a major resistance area. If this level is broken, we should see $5.20 in a flash, and then $6.50!

VRX Updated Chart - 12/10/15

I have shared charts on VRX before here and here. The stock appears to be consolidating in a well defined sideways channel. The most important number right now is $100, as that is a very strong resistance area. If that number breaks, the next level of resistance is at $120+. The stock price seems poised to retest the $100 level tomorrow or on Monday!
Side note: I am proud to have had my first Seeking Alpha article published. Please check it out here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

AAPL Chart - 12/09/15

Apple seems to be forming a wedge here at the $119 resistance level. The last time the stock formed such a wedge, the break was downward. Lets watch to see if history repeats itself:

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

LUV Chart - 12/08/15

LUV dropped hard today after making new highs yesterday. While this is bearish behavior, the stock did bounce off a key support level. Longs should be protected as long as $45 holds. If this level breaks, expect a drop to $40.

KMI Updated Chart - 12/08/15

Last time I posted about KMI here, it was on free fall mode from about $20. Since then the stock appears to have found a bottom at $15. As seen on the chart below, the stock bounced off this level on very high volume, indicating that bulls think this is an attractive buying opportunity. At this point, I am comfortable recommending a long position with a stop loss right below $15.

Monday, December 7, 2015

VRX Updated Chart - 12/07/15

First you should see my thoughts from last week by clicking here. Since then, the stock seems to be consolidating sideways right below the key resistance level of $100. If VRX is able to breach this level (R1), we should see a quick climb towards $120 (R2), which is the next key resistance point.This essentially presents traders with a 20% gain opportunity. I will be watching this one closely this week. Follow my blog/Twitter to stay in the loop!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

MNST Chart - 12/06/2015

Technicals allow us to use previous behavior to predict future price action. This stock is having a very hard time breaching the $158 level, and the last time it failed to breach a key resistance point, it retraced by 15% before climbing back up again. If the stock fails to breach its current resistance soon, it could retrace all the way down to $133.
Chart timeframe: 1 Year

HART Chart - 12/06/15

HART has had a very active couple of weeks, going from ~.50c to almost $3.50. If you are looking to trade the stock at its current level, know that the $2.20 level is very important, as seen on the below chart. If the rising support line is held, it could present another buying opportunity to bulls. If this support fails to hold, watch out below!

AVAV Chart - 12/06/15

This stock has had a nice run up over the past 3 months, but has found major difficulties breaking the $26 mark as shown in the below chart. They report earnings this week, and a disappointing number could bring it crashing back down to retest its $19 lows. A positive earnings report could see a pop with a pit stop at $28, which is the next big resistance level.

CASY Chart - 12/06/15

This stock has gone from $80 in May to $120 now, an impressive 50% gain. In the short term, it seems to be finding a top at $120. The last time it acted this way, it retraced from $116 to $111 before continuing up. Keep this in mind if entering a trade.

COST Chart - 12/06/15

COST has been on an impressive run since late August, rising about 25%. During that time, it has shown strength by powering through previous resistance points on the first try, each time making new highs. The company is now at an all-time high, and reports earnings on Tuesday. If you are considering entering a trade, educate yourself with its recent price action by checking out the chart below:

Saturday, December 5, 2015

FNSR Chart 12/05/15

This stock has had a rough 2015, going from around $20.00 to its current level of $12.00. The company reports earnings this week, just as its stock price prepare to test a key resistance at $12.50. If these earnings are good and the resistance point is breached, the stock can head towards closing that gap!

KO Chart - 12/05/15

If KO fails to break $43.50, it will mark the third time that it tested and failed to break this key resistance point. This will be very bearish for the company’s stock, as this will become what is known as a “triple top.” On the other hand, if this level is broken on high volume, investors could be rewarded with a very nice pop upwards.

TAP Chart - 12/05/15

This stock has had an impressive run, and is now at a key technical level. As you can see, the stock is now finding resistance at a key price point, its previous all time high. If it breaches this resistance, it could continue to run for a while. If it fails to breach, a double top would be formed, which could be highly bearish.

Friday, December 4, 2015

FCEL Chart

FCEL investors suffered an extra slap on the face after the stock underwent a reverse stock split, as it ended up dropping 18% on Friday. The stock does appear to have closed right at a key support level. If this support holds, Monday might present a good buying opportunity. If not, the stock will likely tank hard, as it will be making new all-time lows.

ARIA Chart

ARIA traders and investors need to be very careful here, as $5.80 is a key support level for the stock. If this level breaks on high volume, the next key support level is at $5.00.

AVP Chart

AVP is in play today, as it could be the next huge short squeeze subject. As you trade the stock (I will), keep in mind that there is resistance at $4.50. If this is broken, we could pop hard towards $6.50+. Spread the word and good luck!

PBMD Chart

This stock went up nicely on Thursday, but its movement was stopped by a pretty strong resistance area around $1.50 (R1). If the stock manages to breach $1.50, traders can expect further resistance at $1.75 (R2) and then at $2.25 (R3). The bounce down from $1.50 yesterday should strengthen one’s belief in technical analysis! If traders are aware of key resistance and support levels, they can take profits in an informative manner when the stock retraces/bounces off a key level.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


This stock has followed a well defined downward channel for the past three months. Bulls need to hope that the upper resistance line is breached, which would signify a reversal of this bearish trend. Until this happens, expect more downside.
Things look pretty dire for KMI. Not only is the stock on a free fall since March, it keeps making new all time lows. Most recently, the stock broke through a key support level and is making new lows on the heels of very high volume. This is very bearish behavior.
If you are trading TRVN due to the news of fast track designation, I don’t blame you. The stock has been up nicely lately, and this news could really set it off higher. Just be aware that there are two key resistance points ahead. First at $13 and then at $13.50. If both are breached, this stock could soar!

KR Chart

KR broke a HUGE resistance level today that had been tested 4 times in the last two months. To boot, the stock is now at an all time high. This stock has been trading sideways for the better part of 2015, but I believe this breakout might allow it to run as it did back in 2013 and 2014.

BOX Chart

Today’s price movement was probably pretty scary to BOX’s investors, but the closing price actually supported a rising 3-month trend line. As the below chart shows, this is the third time that this trend has found support, making it a pretty strong support point.

KBIO Chart

My previous KBIO chart indicated a wedge pattern (black lines on this chart), and the stock has broken the bottom support line of that wedge, which is a bearish sign. The good news is that KBIO seems to have some strong support (orange lines) at the $30 level. If the stock manages to break below $30, we could see a quick move towards $25, which is the next support line.